Edible Gardens

If you’re concerned about food air miles, excessive packaging, organics, food provenance, and not least, the lifestyle choice of eating food harvested from our own garden, our studio would be delighted to design a vegetable, herb or foraging garden where you can ‘grow your own’. However, traditional veg growing techniques require energy, time and effort; lately we’re receiving more and more enquiries from clients looking to grow food with a lot less work.

Perennial vegetable gardening is a wonderful alternative to sowing from scratch every year, you’ll be planting once, then cropping season on season without the need to replant. What’s more, growing perennials extends the harvest season without the need for a greenhouse, cold frame or other device. You can harvest Jerusalem artichokes all winter as long as you mulch enough to keep the ground from freezing, and some perennial crops, such as sorrel, are up and ready to eat in March when the snow is melting. Trained fruit is pretty, takes up little space, and doubles as a trellis over which to grow flowering climbers.

Whichever your preferred method, our studio will be delighted to design your vegetable garden, provide advice on varieties, and produce maintenance schedules.

Our edible garden designs can be enhanced by professional lighting systems, irrigation and the original use of materials.

For expert advise on edible garden design call Ann-Marie Powell Gardens on 01730 825650.