Front Gardens

A well designed front garden creates a welcoming entrance, a great first impression, and a pleasing journey from house to street for you, the owner. Planted front gardens turn our towns and cities into pleasant places to be, buzzing with wildlife and bringing colour into the lives of every passer by. Our front gardens can add value to a property, and if you’re considering selling, may even clinch that house sale.

Yet more and more often, front gardens are becoming the domain of the car. When the London Assembly examined aerial photographs of the capital, it found that 12 square miles of front gardens are now under paving. This is the equivalent of 22 Hyde Parks. Paving your front garden completely has serious implications for the environment – gardens can soak up rain, while paving, tarmac and concrete can increase rainwater run off by as much as 50 per cent. Vegetation lost from our streets removes habitat for wildlife to enjoy, leaving less to regulate urban temperatures, which contributes to poorer air quality and localised weather conditions, such as thunderstorms.

Front gardens are not the easiest of spaces, often small, the front garden is that transitional space where your home meets its public. Robbed of privacy, and mindful of security, house owners want an easy, open space, and as it gets harder, and more expensive to park on our streets, more and more front gardens are concreted over to become residential car parks. Yet, a well cared for green front garden provides not only a welcome home, but brightens whole communities – if your front garden is completely paved there’s no reason for you to spend much time in it, reducing contact with your neighbours. Planted front gardens promote local pride and bring green corridors into our cities making residents feel happier and supplying much needed shelter and food for wildlife. So when it comes to your own front garden, lead from the front.

Thankfully our studio loves pampering front gardens with wonderful planting and thoughtful materials, which satisfy todays planning regulations governing the installation of hard landscaping for vehicles. We’ll delight in creating a green oasis for you to enjoy.

Our front garden designs can be enhanced by professional lighting systems, irrigation and the original use of materials.

For expert front garden design call Ann-Marie Powell Gardens on 01730 825650.