Extend evenings spent in the garden with the simple addition of light. It’s not just about safety and security: imaginative lighting can transform a garden into a truly magical place.

And don’t worry, our studio won’t make your garden look like a runway at Heathrow; developments in LED lighting systems allow discreet effects with have low running costs which are environmentally friendly too.

We’ll work through what your want your lighting to do and discuss options with you in detail. For instance, you might want lights fitted with sensors to alert you to visitors or ensure safe visits to outbuildings or the shed. Grazing light over beautiful walls, highlighting specimen trees and sculpture, or downlighting an eating area or outdoor kitchen can create drama and theatre. Lights can be zoned so you don’t have to have them all on at once, and even controlled by your ipad, iphone or keyfobs so you can set the atmosphere from inside the house or garden. Fairy lights, candles and torches can also be designed into the space to create a sense of theatre or a party atmosphere.

There’s no doubt that a well-lit garden extends the hours that can be enjoyed outside, and once its time to go inside, with a lighting design from our studio, you’ll be able to find your way safely to the door too.

For expert garden lighting design call Ann-Marie Powell Gardens on 01730 825650.