Staring out of my office window at the rain

Head space
February 5, 2010

Staring out of my office window at the rain marring my view of the gorgeous Sussex countryside, I’m glad I have the wood burner to keep me warm and toasty. Ok, it might not be the best weather to be gardening in, but its perfect weather for writing this, my first blog post to accompany the launch of the new Ann-Marie Powell Gardens website.

Through my posts, I hope to entice, titillate and inform you, giving you the inside scoop on my life as a garden designer in words and pictures. There’ s no doubting the delight i feel in creating gardens for our clients and through this blog I shall endeavour to give you a taste of the hows, whats and whys of how we create our spaces.

But I’ll also let you know about gardens we have visited, plants I just feel I need to shout about, industry events I’ve attended, new launches and not least the successes (and failures) I’ve experienced in my own garden on the Hampshire/West Sussex borders. And I hope I can make you smile along the way.

So here goes, and welcome.