Mount Usher, County Wicklow, Ireland

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Sowing the seed…..
March 6, 2012
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Plans for Small Gardens
August 6, 2012

After day upon day of rain, murk and bone aching cold, Saturday found me in sun-soaked County Wicklow, Ireland, happily strolling the grounds of Mount Usher gardens and arboretum.

I’d spoken about the Robinsonian garden with my friend Simon Pratt (of family run company Avoca) when the business acquired a long term lease of the garden about four years ago, but I’d never had the time to visit.

Until now.

I was taken in by the gardens soft, gentle beckoning, head gardener Sean’s genuine love for the place that he cares for and the atmosphere created by layers of green upon green upon green.

My amateur photos could never capture the serene mood of the place.

I urge you to visit to soak it up for yourselves….