Garden gifts for Mum

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February 10, 2016
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March 4, 2016

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, in fact it’s THIS SUNDAY (in case you weren’t aware). Let’s face it, there’s only one day in the year when Mothers are celebrated up and down the country, and they really do deserve a bit of pampering. So click continue reading to get a few garden gift ideas…

You can do it the traditional way and say it with flowers, but I prefer a bunch of blooms that have roots too, so they can keep on growing. Buy your gardening mum a plant and you’ll definately get in her good books.


Reach for your credit card and take a look at roses for a named variety that suits your mum to a T (maybe even a hybrid tea!). Roses have long been named after breeder’s wives, children and family, so if your mothers called Penelope, Hannah, Alice, Agnes, Mary, or tens of other names, you’re in luck. Or perhaps you can buy a bloom that hails from an area that has happy memories for your mother; Suffolk, Kent, Wiltshire and Hertfordshire are just a few of the varieties around. For a link that’s a bit more tenuous, but is sure to score you brownie points, go for a rose named Breath of Life, Sweet Magic or Remember me. You get the idea!


Mature Paeonias are often the pride of the gardener’s borders, even if they only flower for a couple of days, and I’ve always thought that they are one of the most feminine flowers. Go for Paeonia ‘Festiva Maxima’ which bears huge double white blooms with an intoxicating perfume to really celebrate her day. Chaenomeles superba ‘Crimson and Gold’ is exquisitely adorned with flowers right now; dark red ones settled upon naked stems. This plant is sure to take your mother’s breath away.

Something a bit different-

There’s one plant whose common name will definitely score you Mother’s Day points. Mother of thousands or Saxifraga stolonifera ‘Tricolor’ is an attractive plant with rounded red and white stained leaves, covered in summer with tiny white flowers. Tell your mum to grow it in a moist but well drained humus rich soil in deep or partial shade to really impress her.

Garden related gifts-

Some mums are so mad keen on plants, that it’d be a real mistake to buy her one; does she have it already, will she like it, where will she put it? Personally I prefer to buy my plants myself. But I always love to receive gardening gadgets; if you’re unsure, then get her a new trowel, some copper plant labels, a trug to stash cut flowers in, a plant pot or a twine dispenser. A great site for garden tools is Harrod Horticulture, they have tools that are both hard wearing and look good.     

Garden books-

Then of course you could always go down the book avenue, there’s some lovely gardening books out at the moment, here’s a few ideas;

Inspiring gardens- ‘The Great Gardens of London’ by Victoria Summerley.

How to books- ‘Plants, beds and borders’ by Katie Rushworth or ‘How to plant a garden’ by Matt James both give the amateur gardener inspiration and practical advice on how to make a garden.

Themed books; If your mum likes her literature and a bit of garden history ‘Shakespear’s Gardens’ by Jackie Bennett could be one for her. If art is more her thing ‘Monet’s Garden in Art’ by Debra N. Mancoff.     

So go on, get online and no excuses for buying a boring last minute gift!