Sureset Permeable Paving and our Chelsea Garden

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April 11, 2016
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April 29, 2016



As garden designers we are aware of the need of our clients to park off street, especially where a resident’s parking permit comes with a king’s ransom. Legislation governs that all new and replacement drives of more than 5 square meters of impermeable paving (where water isn’t directed to a permeable area), needs planning permission. So considering permeable paving is a necessity.

Environmentally, permeable paving makes sense too. There’s no doubting that rainwater has to go somewhere and, in heavy downpours, even if you are not flooded, it might be affecting your neighbours downhill. By using a form of permeable paving material, draining to a soakaway, you’ll be helping to reduce local flooding, and also water being directing into our already at-capacity drains. Many drains carry rainwater directly to streams or rivers where pollution (oil, petrol, brake dust etc.) damages wildlife and the wider environment. And dare I mention that in older areas this overflow rainwater may go into the foul water sewers, usually for taking kitchen and bathroom waste to the sewage treatment works. In heavy rainfall these too overflow into streams and rivers. Ensuring rainwater can soak into natural aquifers is ao much more than just a sensible solution.


 SureSet Permeable paving

We decided to include SureSet permeable paving into our Chelsea garden with a nifty little fountain system which we hope will demonstrate what happens to excess water when you use this system in your front garden at home. We’ve chosen a resin bound surface – a mixture of natural aggregate and a high quality clear resin binder which delivers a surface that is smooth, durable and needs very little maintenance.  We hope our jet-studded surface inspires and delights, whilst highlighting the water permeability of this material, which makes it so important to our environment. We are so excited to be working with the Sureset team.