A New Year, a new start in the Garden – Jobs for January

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January 10, 2018
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February 7, 2018

The January garden seemingly rests at this time of year, slumbering through long hours of darkness and short January days.

But those precious hours of crisp light that punctuate day upon day of grey can be immensely useful in getting a head start in creating a better garden for you to enjoy this summer.

Grab a tool and get out there…

Jobs for your garden this January
• Dig over soil in the vegetable garden.
• Plant new fruit bushes if the ground is not frozen.
• Continue taking hardwood cuttings of deciduous trees, shrubs and currant bushes.
• Buy or order vegetable seeds and seed potatoes.
• Collect egg boxes to chit potatoes in.
• Cut the old leaves from hellebores to reveal their flowers.
• Plant bare root roses, trees, shrubs and hedging.
• Melt frozen pond surfaces so fish can breathe.
• Recycle your Christmas tree of shred it for mulch.
• Treat timber structures such as pergolas, fences and obelisks.
• Prune apple and pear trees.
• Regularly put out food and water for birdlife.
• Begin forcing rhubarb by covering plants with a forcing pot or bucket.
• Check tree ties, and remove, replace, tighten or loosen them as required.
• Repair lawn edges or patches.