Ann-Marie Powell's Philadelphia Flower Show 2022 Garden Overview
Garden bench on Ann-Marie Powell Philadelphia Show Garden visual
Trees and plants on Ann-Marie Powell Philadelphia Flower Show 2022
Sculpture in planting on Ann-Marie Powell Philadelphia Flower Show 2022
pond plants and trees on Ann-Marie Powell Philadelphia Flower Show 2022
Side view of Ann-Marie Powell Philadelphia Flower Show 2022

How exciting it is to share our visuals for our garden at the 2022 Philadelphia Flower Show, where this year’s show theme is “In Full Bloom”. It’s such an honour to be invited to exhibit at the world’s longest-running flower show which will be in full bloom between June 11 – 19, 2022. As a studio, we cannot wait to showcase our love of plants, people, pollinators and place stateside!

Through our garden we’ll be celebrating the life-giving affirmation, therapeutic benefits and sense of purpose & well-being that gardening gives us plant-growing humans. Plants in full bloom are also fundamental for all life on earth.

It’s no secret that bees and other pollinators are in massive decline, but did you know that pollinators contribute to producing 90% of the world’s food?

By planting a range of pollinator-attracting flowers, we gardeners are helping to provide forage to support biodiversity and food chains which directly impacts all life on our beautiful planet earth.

So, there’ll be gold elements celebrating the value of the colour yellow, one of a bee’s favourite colours, and the colour of pollen, passed from bloom to bloom as a bee buzzes about its daily business, pollinating our flowers as they go so fruit and seed can develop.

There’ll be a pond to support wildlife and the path layout is inspired by a section of the anatomy of a bee’s wing. We’re also ‘taking a wall for a walk’ – a meandering log stack wall provides habitat to support wildlife.

Plants and gardening may be a personal act, but it helps wildlife globally, which in turn supports our planet, our plants locking carbon into the soil and releasing oxygen as they grow. And your choice of plants can help.

I hope that people will enjoy our energetic, vibrant plant-filled haven, and be inspired to grow their own flower-filled garden that makes them want to throw their curtains open each morning to see what’s in bloom next and what amazing wildlife those blooms are attracting.

It’s an honour to be invited to the world’s oldest flower show, a chance to speak to an entirely new audience, meet and share with other design professionals and be immersed in a show celebrating all of horticulture in full bloom – who wouldn’t want to be part of that. Roll on June!!!

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