February 5, 2010

Gardens are for people

It’s brilliant when a day turns out so much better than expected, and Wednesday this week was a perfect example. I hotfooted it up to the Royal Festival Hall in London for the launch of the National Garden Scheme’s 2010 yellow book. If I’m honest, I thought this would be a small affair, full of candy floss haired ladies of a certain age, knitting through […]
February 5, 2010

Head space

As a working mother it can be immensely difficult to find the time to garden for myself. The pottering of pre-children life is a thing of memory. More likely you’ll see me bounding around my garden racing to get anything done, as the baby naps and my five year old bounces on the trampoline. These hastily stolen half hour slots are governed by (usually late) […]
January 5, 2010
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Staring out of my office window at the rain

Staring out of my office window at the rain marring my view of the gorgeous Sussex countryside, I’m glad I have the wood burner to keep me warm and toasty. Ok, it might not be the best weather to be gardening in, but its perfect weather for writing this, my first blog post to accompany the launch of the new Ann-Marie Powell Gardens website. Through […]