August 6, 2012
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Plans for Small Gardens

Though some of you will already know, for those that don’t, I have a new book out. Plans for Small Gardens aims to encourage each and every novice garden owner whose heart sinks when they look out of the window upon their own small patch of land. The book covers ten projects, covering varying garden styles, including plans, drawings, shopping lists and techniques to arm, […]
May 6, 2012
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Mount Usher, County Wicklow, Ireland

After day upon day of rain, murk and bone aching cold, Saturday found me in sun-soaked County Wicklow, Ireland, happily strolling the grounds of Mount Usher gardens and arboretum. I’d spoken about the Robinsonian garden with my friend Simon Pratt (of family run company Avoca) when the business acquired a long term lease of the garden about four years ago, but I’d never had the […]
March 6, 2012
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Sowing the seed…..

The songbirds were obviously happy, singing sublimely whilst sunning themselves in the morning’s crisp, sharp light. The sun beat on our backs strongly enough so as to facilitate a family breakfast alfresco, the first of the year. And as we sat there en famille, my two year old arguing with my seven year old about whose spoon belonged to whom and throwing scrambled eggs in […]
February 6, 2012
the poetics of gardening

Inspiration station #1

Whilst the start of every project is exciting, there are undoubtably those which take you deliciously off-piste – it’s a wonderful feeling when an element of the brief, the garden situation, or the client’s requirements engages you so completely that you’re suddenly, helplessly wrapped up in exploring a stimulating, energising wealth of possibilities. We’ve been considering two or three small gardens in the office for […]
January 6, 2012
a tree on a hill

Mist + gardeners + trees = Uppark yesterday

Yesterday morning was happily spent in the company of Andy Lewis, The National Trust’s new head gardener at Uppark, stomping around the grounds looking at the developments he’s undertaking in the gardens there. Set above the village of South Harting on the Hampshire/West Sussex borders, it has traditionally been ‘the house’ that’s drawn the visitors rather than the grounds. The National Trusts website describes the […]
January 6, 2012
happy new year

Happy New Year

After the excesses of a celebratory yule and precious time spent with the family feasting, talking and generally not doing very much at all, together, kickstarting the new year from a standing start can be a befuddling, difficult wrench. And so it was when I arrived back at the office last week bleary eyed, back to a job that I adore, but wondering where and […]
June 6, 2011
Society of Garden Designers Journal Jul11

Society of Garden Designers Review

After all the hard work of Chelsea is beginning to ebb into distant memory, I must admit to being extremely pleased to read this in the Society of Garden Designer’s July Journal. So there we are – click on the jpgs to read them. Now I promise not to talk about Chelsea any more. (Well at least for a while……….!)  
June 6, 2011

Road to Chelsea 3

Road to Chelsea 3 video