Bright, Bold, and Beautiful. This perfectly describes our contemporary courtyard scheme in West Sussex, with its colourful planting scheme bringing new life into the space

Before and After

Contemporary Courtyard Before designed by Ann-Marie Powell GardensContemporary Courtyard After Designed by Ann-Marie Powell Gardens
Contemporary Courtyard BeforeContemporary Courtyard After designed by Ann-Marie Powell Gardens

Vivid Harmony: Crafting a Bold and Colorful Garden Oasis in West Sussex

Our clients wanted a wonderfully bold garden to stand out against their property in West Sussex. Finished a year ago, the landscape has truly flourished since then. The property sat within a beautiful atmospheric six acre orchard plot. The clients wanted their courtyard to provide their guests with that ‘wow’ factor when they entered the house. Along with many different zones in the garden providing different settings. i.e. a socialising/entertaining area, an outside dining area, a private and secluded reading space, all tied together in one beautiful garden.

The bold and striking presence of our client’s black-painted barn adds depth and contrast to our beautiful wildflower meadow scheme. It’s a wonderful backdrop to the flowers (and the pollinators they attract!) in this country property. The vibrant orange of the corten water feature picks up the Geum ‘Totally Tangerine’ dotted throughout the planting beds. With Salvia nemorosa ‘Caradonna’ brightly contrasting the warm hues. The colours continue with the bright red walls enclosing a relaxed and muted seating area, and almost neon green foliage perfectly highlighting the surrounding planting beds.

The clients desperately wanted their garden to be bursting with colour all year round with a diverse mix of heights of plants and movements throughout the garden. Alongside a significant increase in fragrance across the interconnecting spaces. They have been thrilled with the solutions our studio came up with and we love how it has developed since its conception.