This unique contemporary house with character and curves needed a new garden to match. Therefore our client brief from concept to completion was to blend their distinctive property into its surrounding gardens. Our innovative garden design undeniably anchored built and natural environments together whilst blurring boundary lines.

Perched above garden level, the terrace was made significantly larger to allow spaces for effortless entertaining or family suppers. Moreover, making the steps wider, allows easy access and vistas into the garden. The resulting retaining walls are masked with yew hedging to green up the scene. Subsequently, our design studio revelled in creating planting plans to deliver borders filled with scented, colourful, architectural flowers. These undoubtedly enliven the terraces whilst providing a playful ever-changing display of bloom to be enjoyed from inside the house, looking out.

Broad steps glide down to the lower level garden terrace with swimming pool, which is designed for relaxing, pool games, and fun. Edge to edge treads doubling as seats to allow for quiet contemplative relaxation in the shallows. The pool is integrated into the planting to provide a further connection with visiting butterflies, bees and dragonflies. Pool maintenance solutions include a below-ground control room and heat pumps designed out of view.

The shaped lawns, essential for family games, were kept generous. With corresponding broad swathes of low maintenance meadow surrounding it to invite wildlife biodiversity. Meanwhile, the wildflower meadow is studded here and there with mature clipped yew cushions, echoing the property’s rear elevation and providing winter interest.

Also, the existing treescapes have undeniably been enhanced with a balance of screening trees for privacy and shelter. As a result, this range of new trees will provide a blaze of colour to be enjoyed from the property’s balconies each Autumn.

Our turn key solution significantly achieved a striking yet practical garden of contemporary naturalism within a predominantly residential area of the South Downs National Park.