Vivid red, orange, yellows and greens flourish in this cottage garden in the countryside for our newly turned keen gardener client

Family Oasis: Transforming a Regimented Space into a Colorful, Wildlife-Friendly Garden Retreat

The clients wanted their rear garden transformed, they felt that it was too regimented and felt very disconnected from their house and the terrace. They wanted a beautifully colourful and wildlife friendly garden, with a large lawn so that they could play with their grandchildren. It was important to complement the aesthetic and architecture of the property. Simultaneously solving the practical challenges of the site, which included level changes and privacy issues.

With paving wrapping around the entire property we felt that the introduction of planting beds would soften the house into the garden. Specifically by allowing climbers to grow up the walls and providing a soft edge to the terrace paving. A set of steps leading from the terrace to the lawn combatted the level changes whilst allowing for seating or space for pots. A large lawn was important, but we felt that we should design it into an attractive shape. Additionally, we added paths from the lawn leading to other garden rooms which made the garden more interesting and seem even larger than it already is.

To the rear of the garden the clients envisaged a play area for their grandchildren, including a swing set and a mud kitchen. The idea of this precious little mud kitchen was born from the devastating loss of ash trees. The trees were affected by dieback resulting in our clients having no option but to remove them. It was difficult to let these statuesque trees go, so we decided to keep them, reusing them to create a new favourite spot for our client’s grandchildren to play and get messy in the great outdoors. It’s a lovely reminder that new life and joy can be found in the most unexpected of places. Particularly watching children play whilst connecting with nature brings joy to the whole family, and surrounded by a newly sown meadow, habitat for a whole host of wildlife. 

Colour was essential to our clients – and to us! Vivid red, orange, yellow and burgundy tulips with bright green stems stand tall in this cottage garden. Beautiful white Narcissus are dotted throughout the garden, lifted by the light coloured paving. Surrounding the garden is vibrant green wildflower meadow, which allows for a large amount of wildlife interest whilst also providing a beautiful and diverse mix of textures and colours within the planting. Little pops of colour provide a small introduction to what this will look like in years to come. Wooden furniture sitting on a small mid-garden terrace allows a place to sit and appreciate the garden surrounded by this colourful planting scheme with the terrace beside the house providing a protected but open space to sit and enjoy the day. Our clients have been thrilled with their new garden and so are we.