From idyllic rural retreats to large country estates, our expertise in designing country gardens shows in every plant, terrace and border. We design and deliver beautiful planting schemes and inspired hard landscape schemes to enhance your home. Whilst fully utilising the natural advantages of your surrounding landscape.

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Contemporary Naturalism

A unique contemporary with character and curves needed a new garden to match. Our client brief from concept to completion was to blend their distinctive property into its surrounding gardens.

Rural refined cottage garden in West Sussex

Making the most of a stunning panoramic view of the South Downs hills, we designed this steeply sloping garden to create a heightened English landscape for colourful interest throughout the year.

Rural Urban Rusticity

It took all our years of award-winning garden design knowledge and experience to redesign a garden that slopes dramatically towards the house!

Country Estate Naturalism

The gardens of this private country garden estate were inspired by wonderful views of the surrounding South Downs countryside.

Elegant Country front garden

The surrounding countryside was our inspiration for this farmhouse front garden. We seized the opportunity to revel in the native plants of the surrounding hedgerows, woodlands and verges and capture the natural beauty of the Hampshire locale.
A richly planted garden full of upright purple salvias, orange geums and bright green grasses. A corten water feature sits across the image with bubbling fountains. Designed by Ann-Marie Powell Gardens, the bright garden stands out against the black house in the background

Contemporary Courtyard

Bright, Bold, and Beautiful. This perfectly describes our scheme in West Sussex, with its colourful planting scheme bringing new life into the space
Elegant country front garden with wrought iron railings, refined planting and clipped buxus hedging

Elegant Country Front Garden

The surrounding countryside was our inspiration for this farmhouse front garden. We seized the opportunity to revel in the native plants of the surrounding hedgerows, woodlands and verges and capture the natural beauty of the Hampshire locale.

We love designing country garden because it gives us the opportunity to showcase our fascination with plants and celebrate the natural environment of the British countryside.

Our practice will work with you to create a country garden that enhances your lifestyle, brings the countryside closer and creates a biodiverse habitat for native wildlife. We pay meticulous attention to detail, responding to your brief wholly, and delivering from conception to completion a bespoke, gold medal quality country garden for you, your family and your guests!

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Frankly, you name it, we’ve probably done it! Our signature gardens incorporate eye-catching planting with complementary landscape features, for a naturalist look buzzing with life, colour and natural exuberance.

Call us on +44 (0) 1730 825650 to discuss your dreams for a country garden design embracing elements such as:

  • Walled garden
  • Japanese inspired garden
  • Swimming pool garden
  • Rock garden
  • Night garden
  • Shady garden
  • Rose garden

Or whichever type of country garden you might like!

We believe a strong framework of hard landscaping in natural, local materials best supports a joyous mix of herbaceous borders, meadow, orchard, or vegetable garden. Our innovative yet reassuringly naturalistic designs will bring the whole together to integrate your home and garden into the landscape from which they have evolved.

Our designs can be enhanced by professional lighting systems, garden water features, original use of materials, art and sculpture, and contemporary all-weather furnishings. We can incorporate existing heirloom items and complement them with unique designer pieces sourced from our extensive ‘black book’ of artists and artisans.

“Growing your own” has never been so popular, and is set to be a major trend as people enjoy the tastes of fresh home grown produce. Our innovative vegetable garden designs turn your outside space into a feast for eyes and tastebuds all year round by integrating annual and perennial vegetables and edibles into regular planting. Just pick, eat, enjoy.

Ann-Marie was thrilled to be asked to design a one acre food garden for RHS Wisley gardens, opening in 2021. So she really knows her onions, beans, greens and more!

If you have a space surrounded by walls or buildings, then you have a wonderful entertainment space in waiting. These spaces, whatever their shape provide a real sense of enclosure are eminently comfortable and private.

We like to think of courtyard gardens as garden snugs; intimate spaces where a garden becomes the perfect oasis to entertain, relax or simply just be. Maximise your living space all year round with a cleverly designed courtyard garden; cool in summer, cosy on winter nights, and an outdoor living space to love all year round.

If you’re looking to include water in your garden with the addition of a swimming pool, spa, hot tub, pond, lake, rill or standalone feature, call us. We use tried and tested construction techniques to design water features that can calm, sooth or excite. Years of experience in creating award-winning show gardens enable us to include water into almost any size of country garden.

Call us on +44 (0) 1730 825650 with your water feature ideas and aspirations, from classic garden fountain to cutting edge water blade, wildlife pond to garden waterfall or lake.

To start your country garden restyle, renovation, rejuvenation or complete transformation:

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