Having just returned to the studio after maternity leave, whilst at home with my new baby, I heard the phrase: ‘Remember to look after yourself and take time off as a couple once you have had the baby’ countless times. ”Yes yes, of course, I will”, I *might* have dared to think, assuming I’d master the working/family/life balance in a breeze. If you’re in a similar position, like me, you probably found yourself with a home, garden and diary jam-packed with family-friendly activities and clever ‘stuff’… leaving you with very little time, space (and most of all energy!) to enjoy your once-much-treasured one-to-one relationship.

Let’s put a full stop in this! And, this Valentine’s day be inspired to begin reclaiming our gardens now before spring is really sprung!

Your garden is a precious space to unwind, think, make memories (not all necessarily involving children!), perhaps after dark, beneath a starry sky, with a bottle of wine and that very special person you love (currently drowning under all the working/parenting burdens). As parents, we cannot afford to overlook our garden’s very special healing properties, they are places of solace where we can recover from our hectic, fast-paced life.

Most of our clients will know this need for a quiet space, as many are busy professionals juggling demanding working and parenting lives.

Well, let me introduce you to an incredible place, on your doorstep, where after the sunset…

…tree houses are not just for kids,

Tree House by Highlifetreehouses.co.uk

…coffee tables can become firepits,

Firepit after dark by rivelin.co/

…pleached trees are screening you from the neighbours,

London Garden Designed by Ann-Marie Powell

… your garden office become an overnight luxury escape,

Candlelight dinner in the glasshouse. Source: Pinterest

…with no trampolines in sight (they are either sunken or screened),

Rustic style garden in Hampshire, designed by Ann- Marie Powell

…and a water feature makes you forget where you both really are…

Wellness garden pool, Sopwell House Hotel, at night, designed by Ann-Marie Powell.

… perhaps after a dinner in the glasshouse…

Alitex glasshouse

…surrounded by the most voluptuous scents.

‘Snug’ garden designed by Ann-Marie Powell.

Have I surprised you? Perhaps you didn’t realise you owned such a space.
You do. It’s just hidden behind the climbing frames and trampoline, and we can help.

Not just THIS Valentine’s Day, but for many many more to come.

Ann-Marie Powell Gardens – 01730825650