Design Process

Though each of our gardens are unique, the way in which we work tends to follow the same process.

Design Consultation

A visit with you see your garden and discuss in detail your requirements, aspirations and key objectives is essential in understanding your space. This meeting is followed up with our written brief and design fee proposal.


Our brief is emailed and posted as a bound document with full breakdown and explanation of how the design process will work, along with our fee structure for included design works. This document ensures that we have fully understood your requirements and is the basis for our engagement by you.


Alongside our brief and site photos, a topographical survey is required for all our garden designs and provides an accurate map of your site, including your buildings walls, doors and windows (including heights), level changes, existing trees, utilities and services. This drawing forms the basis for accurate design works, and when costing and building your new garden design. We do not have an in-house surveyor, but are happy to arrange this service on your behalf.

Design Concept leading to Master Plan

Our various design concepts, 3D visuals, precedent images, mood boards, plans and sketches are delivered and discussed with you at length to ensure you have a clear overview of how your finished garden will look. This is a discussion document which will lead to your final agreed master plan. At this stage materials choices, intricate design details and planting plans are not finalised, though guide selections are offered.

Detailed Design (Production Design)

This includes detailed construction drawings, specifications and schedules, required by contractors to cost and build the garden. Every element of the project is considered from paving finishes, through lighting to irrigation elevating the garden design from good to exceptional. These drawings also enable all parties tendering for the works to cost accurately on a level playing field against the detailed documentation we provide. A fixed fee is supplied for these works before design works commence.


Detailed planting plans and schedules are produced for your garden right down to the pot size to be supplied. Mood boards give a feel of the scheme and a maintenance schedule can be produced to ensure you, or your gardener, is confident in looking after your garden for years to come.


You are of course free to appoint your own contractors to do the work, or we can recommend the very best hard landscape subcontractors to guarantee a quality finish to your garden build. On your instruction, we will forward your package of drawings and specifications for tender then produce a tender report so you are fully equipped to make your choice of contractor.

A site inspection service is available during build, to take the stress away from you as the client.  We visit site to ensure the project is built to the correct standards in accordance with the specification and drawings to control the quality of the work and allows us as the designers to be responsive to any changes caused by the site or originating from you as the client. This service can be as limited as three site visits throughout the course of the entire project or be as extensive as weekly minuted meetings with client and contractor.

Please let us know if you’d like further clarification, or if you’d like to book a consultation visit on 01730 825650.