Gardens Illustrated Design Cover Trends 2021 Designer Ann-Marie Powell
Gardens Illustrated Design Trends 2021 featuring Designer Ann-Marie Powell
Gardens Illustrated Design Trends 2021 with Designer Ann-Marie Powell

Just as in any creative industry, garden design trends shift and change. Ideas must always progress, with new thinking creeping in whilst other approaches edge away, occasionally to be picked up, reworked and refreshed for another day.

Here at AMPG, we don’t design thinking about the trends we may be creating, we try to purposely avoid following ideas we may see in the press from other practices, focusing entirely on our studio belief that plants, people, place, should always be centre stage in our work, and that for us wildlife, soul and colour are essential elements in every design we produce on behalf of our clients.

Following the rollercoaster of a year that was 2020, with almost the whole world being asked to stay at home and stay safe, we have all spent more hours than ever before in our gardens.

Whether balcony, small urban garden, local park or large country estate, the ability to step outside, breathe in the air and appreciate the wonder of such a simple act is now helping us get through difficult times. Where one is fortunate enough to have private outdoor space, it is our gardens that have nurtured us whilst we have cared for them, providing spiritual and mental wellbeing, allowing us to reconnect with the wonder of garden wildlife, and find a kind of peace as we continue to grow hope.

As a result, as we enter into 2021, I believe that rather than the elements that fit together to create quality outdoor space being standalone trends, it is gardens, plants and green space that are in vogue more than at any time in living memory.

After over 20 years in practice, it is wonderful to see so many re-establish their relationship with nature, and to be able to help with this rekindling is an absolute privilege.

So it was an honour to be asked to contribute to Gardens Illustrated’s round-up of nine notable garden designers in the UK in their January 2021 issue, and explain our studio’s approach to garden and landscape design, and explore our responsibilities to our clients, the environment and this new age where gardens, landscapes and green space play such a fundamental part in everyday life.  

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