A relaxed cottage-style courtyard space perfect for displaying Gaze Burvill’s furniture range

Gaze Burvill Meadow Garden: A Harmonious Blend of Craftsmanship, Furniture, and Nature

Visit our friends at Gaze Burvill and soak up the array of colours, textures and aromas in the meadow garden we designed for their showroom.

As a company, Gaze Burvill have always been passionate about comfort, the environment and true craftsmanship. So it was a pleasure to deliver a garden for them that works in harmony with the natural lines of their environmentally responsible furniture for the landscape, terrace, garden and poolside, as well as beautiful oak outdoor kitchens.

We feel proud to have created a scheme that showcases their oak furniture, which is beautiful and restful, whilst also serving as a habitat for wildlife.

We hope it inspires other companies to think more deeply about how built environments with landscape space or gardens can coexist in harmony with nature.

Thank you Simon Burvill for allowing us the opportunity to create such a special space where you, your customers and the natural world can spend time together.