It was a privilege to be invited by The Royal Horticultural Society and BBC Countryfile to design a garden exhibit at RHS Hampton Court Flower Show in 2018.

Designed, built and grown for the 30th anniversary of the popular tv show, the garden was a large temporary landscape of over 600 square metres (three times the size of a large RHS Chelsea main avenue show garden) referencing ecosystems and planted landscapes from across the whole of the UK.

The tiered landscape included plants representative of the locales of the Scottish Highlands, Yorkshire Dales, the beech woodlands of Wales, through Northern Ireland, to the lakes and rivers of Southern England. There was even a non-native area we imagined as a farmer’s garden backing onto our imagined wildscape, and a field of barley complete with native hedgerow, field margin and a vintage Little Fergie Tractor, to celebrate the programme’s farming links.

It was both an honour and a joy to create this wonderful garden for Countryfile at one of the biggest and most famous gardening events in the world.

Client Quote

“For many people, their back garden is their very own piece of the great outdoors – a haven where home life meets wildlife. We’re grateful to the RHS and to Ann-Marie for their vision in bringing the very best that the whole of Britain has to offer into this one very special garden to celebrate Countryfile’s 30th anniversary. I’m sure that it will be a source of inspiration for everyone that visits it”

Bill Lyons, Executive Editor of Countryfile.