We work primarily in the UK, but Ann-Marie is happy to travel to advise and design gardens anywhere in the world, be it city, countryside or coast.

Ann-Marie has created exceptional garden designs for clients worldwide. Her exceptional plant knowledge enables her to create garden designs and planting plans to suit your specific climate and location, regardless of where you are.

She is regularly asked to judge, participate or speak at international events across Europe, over in the USA and over in Asia.

Call us to discuss your dream garden project, and how we can make it happen wherever you are in the world.

Philadelphia flower show Nature Amplified show garden, dense, colourful planting surrounding tree stump stools


Our expert plant knowledge combined with leading English garden design skills ensures each garden is right for your personal requirements and your climate conditions. AMPG completed a small garden in Warsaw, Poland, working with a wonderful client, where we enjoyed the challenge of specifying plants hardy down to minus 20℃.

Our garden design and landscape design services can include 3D illustration, CGI images and Garden Walkthroughs so you or your clients can share our vision online. According to your requirements, we provide detailed master plans, planting plans, construction schedules and specifications, enabling contractors in your country to carry out works to our exceptionally high standards. For more details, see our Complete design to delivery page.

Recently we exhibited at the world’s longest running flower show: The Philadelphia Flower Show with the theme ‘In Full Bloom’. We produced our garden ‘Nature Amplified’ and were awarded three of the shows top awards!
– The American Horticultural Society Environmental Award
– PHS Gardening for the Greater Good Award
– Special Achievement Award of the Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania
Our garden’s aim was to create a vibrant, exciting habitat that inspired visitors to grow a wide range of colourful, life-enhancing, pollinator-attracting blooms at home and to garden in a more sustainable way.


Call us on +44 (0) 1730 825650 for international garden design from a gold-medal winning RHS Chelsea garden designer.