Ann-Marie Powell Interviiw with jane perrone in financial times weekend
Financial Times, Ann-Marie Powell talks of Planting Hope with garden design

It was unseasonably warm and balmy through the first UK lockdown and many opened the garden door, reached for a trowel and dove into their garden. They found a sanctuary and a shield away from the worries of the world and basked in the sunshine. But the weather has turned during lockdown 2, it is dark by 4.30, summers plants have collapsed, and the rain keeps coming down. 

We know that gardens and green space are good for our wellbeing, our health and our soul – it feels good to nurture plants amongst the simple wonders of garden wildlife breathing in all that fresh air. But how do you keep that passion going as winter takes hold and we might be tempted to lock the door, and sit by the fireside with a hot chocolate (or cheese and port!).

My industry colleague renowned journalist Jane Perrone called me to see if I had any answers, tips of advice for an article she was writing for the Financial Times, I confirmed what she already knew in replying “Start thinking about what’s going to make you happy next year; do the jobs that please you because it will give you something to look forward to. It’s about planting hope.”

That last sentence became the headline… If you don’t have an FT subscription, you can read the article here.

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