Beautiful country garden set in an amphitheatre, with a calming wildlife pond, surrounded by beautiful naturalistic, pollinator friendly planting beds

Completed back in 2015, our clients wanted to create a biodiverse plant-filled space to actively encourage and support local wildlife populations in a curious area of their grounds.

The previous owners had cited the property’s guest house in an amphitheatre which they had turfed and used as a practice golf putting green!

It was barren and lifeless and a challenging site – the steep slopes with clothed with meadow from which requires much less maintenance than grass or an intensively planted plant community, whilst massively supporting wildlife. Not forgetting that it looks great for months.

We studded the scheme here and there with native trees and shrubs such as Acer Campestre (the field maple) and Euonymous europaeus (Spindle Bush) to further add wildlife value and wonderful autumn colour, with hidden pathways meandering through the scheme.

And rather than a more usual flight, the steps were installed as staggered units with treads that veered left and right into the meadow with wide and generous treads so one never feels rushed when negotiating the steep gradient – and they offer opportunities to sit and admire the view whilst surrounded by plants, and the hum of the bees and flutter of butterflies.

A contemporary pond treatment replaces the putting green, again adding wildlife opportunities and a wonderful view from the guest house of the birds, bats, and dragonflies swoop in for a drink.

We really love this scheme, and we believe it has well and truly stood the test of time.