Yellow orange tulips flowering in the sunshine

How Spring Bulbs Light up Your Garden…

When it comes to adding colour and personality to your spring garden, nothing does it quite like spring bulbs. Available in a huge array of colours, planted before the border plants wake up, these humble looking bulbs quietly wait underground for their time to shine. But when that time rolls around, they put on a vibrant and colourful display that is nature’s equivalent of fireworks.

From the familiar to the unusual

Spring bulbs include some of the most recognizable flowers, such as tulips, daffodils, and crocuses, as well as lesser-known varieties like ranunculus and fritillaria. Even smaller bulbs like scilla and muscari can pack a punch in a garden setting. These stunning blooms come in a variety of colours and shapes, making them perfect for any garden design scheme. Here at AMPG we’re proud to say we can’t get enough of them!



Tulips in terracotta pots in residential garden design

Space Saving Colour

One of the best things about spring bulbs is that they take up very little space. You can plant them under trees, along paths, and they’re adaptable enough to plant in pots on your balcony or doorstep too. Their versatility makes them the ideal choice for roof terraces, courtyard gardens and indeed anywhere you’d like to add colour and impact to your outdoor space.

Nodding yellow tulipa sylvestris in lawn with daffodils and fritillaria

Easy naturalisers

Another advantage of planting bulbs is that in borders, many varieties of spring bulb only needs to be planted once, and then they will return year after year. With our years of experience, our team are adept at including bulbs in our planting designs to include those that will naturalise easily over time, creating beautiful swathes of colour throughout your garden borders to welcome in the spring ad infinitum.

Important early risers

Spring bulbs extend the season long before many other perennials, trees and shrubs wake up, they’re are quick to plant and inexpensive too, so they’re an effective, easy way to add character and colour to your garden to areas to perk them up. Plus, there’s nothing quite like seeing the first spring bulbs peeking out from the earth – they really signal the start of warmer weather and sunshine, so welcome after winter, for we garden lovers and early emerging pollinators too.

Blue Anemone Mr Fokker in the sunshine in pots

Inspired? Then call us

In short, spring bulbs are an incredibly rewarding addition to any garden. They’re low maintenance yet high-impact and offer a burst of energy and colour at a time of year when we all could use a bit of cheering up. Here at AMPG, we’re obsessed with them, and we haven’t even mentioned summer or autumn flowering bulbs yet!

If we’ve inspired you, then why not contact us and have us design your very own spring fireworks show?

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All photos of planting schemes designed by Ann-Marie Powell Gardens.