Philadelphia Flower Show 2022

Our ‘Nature Amplified’ Garden was awarded three top Environmental and Planting Awards at the world’s longest running flower show.

Beyond proud of my team who came together from the UK, Canada and across the USA to create our ‘Nature Amplified’ Show Garden at the Philadelphia Flower Show in Pennsylvania. The theme for the 2022 show was ‘In Full Bloom’.

Our efforts in the blistering sunshine working twelve hour days through a nine day build brought us lasting friendship and three of the shows top awards!

The American Horticultural Society Environmental Award – for an exhibit of horticultural excellence that best demonstrates the bond between horticulture and the environment and inspires the viewer to beautify home and community through skilful design and appropriate plant material.

PHS Gardening for the Greater Good Award – for the exhibit that best exemplifies PHS’s mission to activate horticulture and gardening as a force for the ‘greater good’ by advancing the health and well-being of people and their environments.

Special Achievement Award of the Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania – awarded to an exhibit of unusual excellence (1000sq ft and over) in the category of Conservation.

Our garden’s aim was to create a vibrant, exciting habitat that inspired visitors to grow a wide range of colourful, life-enhancing, pollinator-attracting blooms at home and to garden in a more sustainable way. 

Flowers in full bloom are not just beautiful, they’re fundamental to our life on earth, bringing us all together through nature. It’s no secret that bees and other pollinators are in massive decline. World food production is being hugely impacted (pollinators contribute to producing 90% of the world’s food). By planting a range of pollinator-attracting flowers, we gardeners are helping to provide forage to support biodiversity which directly impacts all life on earth. 

Gardening in this creates a holistic, evolving ecology which looks good, feels good and does good. We hope that our ideas provided accessible inspiration for visitors to embrace environmentally-conscious gardening.