We relish creating schemes with energy, impact and colour. All our planting schemes consider in detail shape, form and texture as part of our process – the way plants interact with each other and combine together to produce a strong, defined, coherent effect. But sometimes a new garden or planting scheme is particularly amplified with the inclusion of plants with a bold aesthetic.

Dramatic umbrella and tabletop trees, topiary, stripped stem specimens, out of the ordinary hedging selections and evergreen architectural specimens visually anchor summer plantings, and if evergreen, this impact lasts year-round. At Ann-Marie Powell Gardens we can offer access to unique specimens, feature pieces and exemplar varieties from a trusted long list of nursery growers whom we’ve developed relationships over decades.

We believe that plants with a bold aesthetic are especially effective in the city, on roof terraces or in courtyards. Architectural large-leaved plants add instant drama, intrigue and unique personality to create exciting urban oases filled with intrigue and excitement, so heightening the impact of your garden enjoyment.

London gardens are especially well suited to tropical plants thanks to the city’s warmer microclimate, and many will happily thrive outside year-round. Growing naturally in the understories of other plants and forests in their native environs, many bold, beautiful tropical plants will survive and thrive in gardens that get little direct sun, often an important consideration when planting city garden spaces.

No matter your garden’s situation, you can be assured that our studio’s exceptional plant knowledge will result in a landscape that fires your imagination and AMPlifies your garden experience.