Our planting plans aim to enhance your garden experience, bring the countryside closer to your everyday life, and create biodiverse habitat for native wildlife. This layering of garden ‘experience’ is important for environmental biodiversity, but also for well-being and mental health.

Gardens up and down the country are numerous and widespread and by planting borders which support declining populations of bees and pollinators with beautiful blooms brimming with nectar, your garden not only looks glorious, but becomes a living growing nectar bar and habitat allowing species to migrate, and so wildlife populations to connect and grow. Our planting designs bring you closer to the complexity, the beauty and the importance natural world.

In 2017 we were appointed to design a 1.5 acre wildlife garden for the RHS at their flagship garden, Wisley.  The Wildlife Garden draws inspiration directly from the natural environments of the British Isles. The garden demonstrates the association of nature and gardens, and the importance of using a range of plant diversity to support native British wildlife, especially declining species.  The new garden opened to the public in 2021. It’s a pleasure to share it with you.

We enjoy working with the existing natural assets of your site to create a garden habitat which invites an evolving ecology as opposed to the traditionally ‘decorated’ garden. Sustainability is a fundamental value of our approach and we respect the ecological value of garden sites through our plantings. Whether private or in the public realm, gardens are numerous and widespread, and key in linking areas of the country together with “stepping stones” of good habitat to allow species to migrate and populations to connect.

Wild flower meadows have an important role to play in welcoming wildlife. Meadows are one of the rarest habitats in the UK – we have lost 97% of our wild flower meadows since the 1930s, and with it diverse habitats providing shelter and food for important pollinators including bees, which are also in decline. In order to promote diversity, we often use swathes of meadow plantings to contribute in redressing the balance.

Your garden, and a haven for for the planet, mind, spirit and for the soul.