At AMPG, we do things differently. With our ethos of Plants, People, Place.



We start with the plants, because plants are the lifeblood, soul and atmosphere of any garden. Plants can create peaceful havens, secluded retreats, an intoxication of scent, a riot of colour, an elegant landscape. The possibilities are endless, but the choice is yours.

Our studio can’t get enough of plants. We source from the finest nurseries, transforming exterior spaces with naturalistic plantings to create the perfect outdoor experience, employing colour, texture, sound, taste and scent to bring nature close up and personal.

Every garden is different with its own unique qualities of light, aspect, exposure and soil type. We delight in choosing an exclusive planting palette for each garden we design to create atmosphere, a sense of place, and stimulate your senses, year round, for years to come.


You provide the dream of what you want, we provide the expertise to design, build and deliver your perfect garden.

Every design we create is ultimately about you; your lifestyle, your family, your needs, your dreams. Regardless of the size, location or current condition of your garden, our studio approaches every project with sensitivity to your brief – and your budget.


Gardens come in all shapes and sizes, and condition. Whether a light touch restoration or a radical overhaul is required, our aim is always to achieve a well-considered, well-communicated scheme that respects the space, your home and its associated buildings, and the surrounding landscape.

That’s why we also relish working with architects, planning consultants and industry experts, to turn the most challenging sloping site, extensive acreage or untamed wasteland into a glorious garden for now and into the future.

Plants, people, place


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