It took all our years of award-winning garden design knowledge and experience to redesign a garden that slopes dramatically towards the house!

The client brief was to create a garden filled with colour, warmth and vitality. Anchoring the brick house into the landscape, whilst cocooning the internal swimming pool section jutting from the property into the garden were a priority. We also needed to disguise a long run of utilitarian garage roof.

The garden was originally structured with a 2-metre high retaining wall, which at points was within a metre of the property elevation. This wall was carefully removed, and the land pushed back and graded. Our garden build contractor team then gently layered the site with bands of planted brick retaining walls.

Now, generous step proportions lead though planes of plants and paving up into the surrounding extensive lawns. Warm tones of slate breathe life into the landscape, the tones and texture echoed in the naturalistic planting selections of Hemerocallis, Lysimachia and Potentilla.

Feature heavy standard hornbeam balls formed a stately but natural screen, lending the garden weight and an upper storey to the planting to lift the eye. An in-situ woven hazel screen by a local craftsman adds to the rustic simplicity and rural atmosphere, whilst a Bronze sculpture provides a focal point within the energizing, effusive planting.

Despite the engineering challenges and scale, the garden looks effortless, warm and inviting, and the clients revel in the bold naturalism of the new garden space.