Our garden design studio simply can’t get enough of plants. We know that every garden is different with its own unique qualities of light, aspect, exposure and soil type. We delight in choosing an exclusive planting palette for each garden we design, creating the perfect naturalistic planting plan and that unbeatable outdoor “vibe” throughout the seasons.


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Bold Aesthetic

We relish creating schemes with energy, impact and colour. All our planting schemes consider in detail shape, form and texture as part of our process.

Welcoming Wildlife

Our planting plans aim to enhance your garden experience, bring the countryside closer to your everyday life, and create biodiverse habitat for native wildlife.

Contemporary Country

Naturalistic, relaxed and colourful we cherish the enthusiasm and natural exuberance of the contemporary cottage garden, proud to be directly influenced by British cottage gardeners and their makers.

Colour and tone are essential elements in any of our planting designs. Individual characteristics of shape, form and texture are stitched together to create unique tapestries of bloom and foliage. A procession of bloom is key to enhance your experience. It also support bees and beneficial insects through the leaner seasons of autumn, winter and spring, so you can be sure that we design it in, each and every time.

For innovative planting schemes, major planting plans and garden designs that feature bio-diversity and wildlife-friendly plants, call Ann-Marie Powell Gardens.

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