Finally, the days are getting brighter and ever so slightly longer, and as adventurous stems begin to unfurl from long slumbering soil, the optimism of the new garden season reaches from the border into our studio. March is the time that farmers to begin planting spring crops and us gardeners to prise open sheds and reach once again for trowel and spade.


After the misty damp of our winter gardens, the sense of reawakening is tangible. As the plants within our gardens, and the countryside surrounding them, gently reveal themselves once more, the infectious vitality of these fresh shoots develops into fresh ideas at Ann-Marie Powell Gardens. As the fluttering flowers of bulbs and drama of massed tree blossom indicate that we can, at last, get going with planting again, our office is filled with as much energy and enthusiasm as the plants themselves.


Spring is the gardeners new year, encouraging the germ of creativity. I relish the opportunity to revisit old notebooks in readiness for the new commissions than inevitably come into the business as the sap rises – the ingredients of plant combinations laid out close to hand for planting schemes should the opportunity arise. It’s a wonderful time of the year.


If you’d like to commission Ann-Marie Powell Gardens to develop a planting plan for your garden, we’d be delighted. Telephone 01730 825650 to chat through your project.