Sunday Telegraph Front Cover 20 December 2020
Learn how the ga
Learn how the garden experts got the bug with Ann-Marie Powel

When writer Jean Vernon asked me to contribute to a Sunday Telegraph article on the gateway plants that started a love of gardens and gardening, I had no idea my thoughts and selection would see me rubbing shoulders (in print only of course!) with Royal Correspondent Jennie Bond, Michelin starred chef Merlin Labron-Johnson of Somerset based Osip Restaurant, political lobbyist Jonathon Sheppard, plantsman and author Arthur Parkinson, botanist Joshua Styles and biologist Merlin Sheldrake!


Who knew that Jennie Bond has a long standing love affair with geraniums? That wildflowers were Joshua’s journey into ecology, resulting in him later founding the North West Rare Plant Initiative or that a visit to the Plant Heritage stand in the Floral Marquee at RHS Hampton Court ignited Jonathan’s horticultural passions?


Each of us shared our memories of nurtured seeds, childhood joys in glorious gardens, nature walks and those treasured plants that saw us fall head over heels in love with growing.

A truly joyful read, and an absolute honour to have been asked.

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