Ann-Marie did a comprehensive design and build development on our urban garden a number of years ago.

Right from the start, the design phase was thorough, enjoyable and time was spent discussing ideas, laughing and having just one more glass of wine. From 3 initial concepts, we settled on an idea that we have kept to this day.

At all times, Ann-Marie kept us informed and the build phase was completed ahead of schedule by a well-chosen contractor who were hard working, fun and above all honest. We were constantly kept up to date and the end result was a testimony to the hard work put in by Ann-Marie.

We love our garden, it is a great place for summer parties and we treat it like an extra room in the house. We are very pleased we went the extra mile to have Ann-Marie help us with it, even if it did empty the cellar a bit. Now where did I put my glass…………………….?

Nick Fox

NF, Fulham, London