Garden writer Stephen Lacey invites garden designer Ann-Marie Powell for constructive criticism…

Always such a pleasure to visit old friends who you admire and respect at home in their own gardens, but what to say when they ask your honest opinion of their garden?!

When I visited my old friend Stephen Lacey at home in his own garden in Wales, I really didn’t expect my critique to appear in his regular The Telegraph column!

Reading his piece last weekend really made me chuckle, and I can’t wait to revisit as soon as possible to see what an impact his acting on my advice has made to his already wonderful garden.

Here’s a snippet from the piece – the full article can be read by pressing HERE.

And if you’re interested in the AMPG studio’s favourite trees, then press HERE.

“In your own plot, it can be hard to see the wood for the trees. “Why is there a great big hedge down the middle of your garden?” asked Ann-Marie Powell, the designer, when visiting last autumn. This rather ambushed me.

When we moved in, this panel of cypress was essential screening from the neighbours, but in the ­intervening 40 years the dozens of trees and shrubs I have planted on the boundary and in borders have filled out to create a small copse.

Yet the hedge has continued to sit there – a 50ft long, 12ft high, 5ft wide fixture whose presence I have never questioned. Suddenly prompted to think about it, I realised it had no purpose at all. On the first day of lockdown, the tree surgeons came to fell it.”